David and Mary
Skin Care Products

Our mission Statement

To provide our clients scientifically advanced skin care products that are easy to use, results driven, and fairly priced. These products are based on the philosophy of using highly concentrated ingredients that have been proven to achieve documented results and with delivery systems that increase penetration and cause the skin to function at its highest level for skin recovery. No animal testing is used and ingredients have been avoided that create additional clogging or irritation to the skin.

Our skin care products can be added to any regime and provide the skin with phospholipids and microscopic nano-emulsions to insure delivery of required nutrients and anti-oxidants to a trans-dermal level for targeted protection against free radical damage.




Our most popular David and Mary cleanser.  Super-gentle nano face wash for all skin types.  An easy rinse, daily facial cleanser with anti-bacterial properties for sensitive skin, including rosacea, post-laser and post-surgery cleansing.  Extracts of chamomile rosemary and tea tree combine with powerful anti-pollutants to restore skin to normal pH.  Skin will experience a luminous moisture veil after rinsing with no greasy residue.  Can be applied to dry or moistened skin and rinsed off with tepid water or a dampened wash cloth.  $29.



Triple action cleanser for combination complexions.  This versatile, citrus fresh foaming cleanser blends encapsulated vitamins A, C, and E and trace minerals to provide deep emulsification of impurities without drying the skin. Helps clear up blemishes and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. $29.

in the buff


A clarifying cleanser.  Recommended for all skin types.  This unique powder cleanser fights against inflammation, redness, and break outs by decreasing harmful bacteria on the skin.  Contains no artificial fragrances or color.   $32.

facial shampoo


A “Silver Classic” Cleanser.  A long time favorite and extremely versatile, non-alkaline, pH balanced cleanser that foams away soil, sebum, and make up.  Leaves skin radiantly clean, sooth and fresh.  Cleanses without drying, removes make up and cell build up on the skin,  rinses with no residue. $29.

aroma gel cleanser


Another “Silver Classic” product that was developed for oily and problematic skin. It cleanses thoroughly, removes excess oil, impurities, and make up. Leaves the skin fresh and clean. $29.

shower power


A natural mineral and volcanic mud head-to-toe body wash that absorbs impurities in the pores. Made for a mans needs for a highly effective, yet simple cleanser that emulsifies and dissolves excessive oiliness, unclogs pores, and helps clear up blackheads, and blemishes anywhere on the body. Energizing aroma makes for an invigorating experience. $29.

micro buff


A foaming face wash, non-alkaline, pH balanced cleanser to keep bacteria at bay.  A remarkable pre-shaving product that will solve many shaving problems. Cleans deep into pores and helps to prevent razor bumps. $29.


clean slate


Our uniquely linked papain enzyme scrub exfoliates and digests dead skin cells that can clog the pores and make skin appear tired and dull.  Essential oils of peppermint, lavender, and grapefruit help eliminate bacteria and refresh the senses.   Sugar and milk proteins also aid in the exfoliation process.  Can also double as a mask and left on the skin for 10-15 minutes and gently rinsed off with tepid water.   $29.


silver bullet


Our regulating toner for face and body. A D&M must have for all skin types!   This non greasy, yet highly moisturizing tonic monitors the effects of environmental forces and aging.  A powerful blend of heavy water, polysaccharides, vitamins, and mineral extracts create a natural anti-bacterial toner that maintains the skin’s normal protective pH.  Soothes sunburn, shaving irritations, dry itchy patches and heat rash. Mist liberally onto face/body after cleansing and before any serum or cream. $29.

buffering tonic


A “Silver Classic” hard working tonic.  This highly effective, pH balancing toner to tightens, tones and helps reinforce skin’s natural ability to regenerate new skin cells. Helps control bacteria on the skin, minimize breakouts and blemishes. pH balanced and helps to tighten pores. $29.

skin regulator


A hard working AHA toner that keeps a constant pH value on the skin after shaving and helps keep bacteria from causing breakouts and ingrown hairs, Controls oil for hours. $29.

Serums and Activators

settle down


This powerhouse serum delivers a colossal collagen rev-up, fights skin imperfections and redness, all while providing tremendous protection from moisture loss and bacterial flare-ups. Highly recommended as post laser serum. Apply one or two pumps to clean skin immediately after toning. Can be worn alone or under a protective treatment or cream.  Also doubles as a highly effective eye treatment for day or night.  $35.

balancing act


This lightweight vitamin C gel is engineered to help boost collagen production while also protecting against bacteria after peels and cosmetic procedures. Instantly refined pores and smooths skin.  P.A.T. a couple pumps of serum on clean skin and follow with daily sun protection or treatment cream. $35.



A firming energy lift activator, this fast acting, nano based firming serum strengthens skin and provides longer lasting absorption of  counter-oxidant wrinkle-reducing actives. i.e. soy biopeptides, green tea extract, and grape seed extract.  This improved version acts as a powerful conductor for enhanced penetration of other anti-aging product applied after its usage and also a biochemical catalyst for intrinsic toning, tightening and rejuvenation of the fibroblasts in the cellular levels of the skin and for long term lipid barrier protection that it also provides. $45.

Treatment Creams and Moisturizers

one step


This UVA/UVB sun protection and daily moisture in one hard working product contains technologically advanced zinc oxide to give broad spectrum protection upon application.  Won’t shine, won’t clog, and won’t look chalky on the skin. Promotes perfect moisture balance whether used alone or over a delivery activator or serum. Suitable for all skins. $32.


RECHARGE-Oxygenating Cream

This lightweight David and Mary cream jump starts the skin with Evening Primrose Oil, lavender, and rosemary to stimulate natural defenses against toxins and free radical damage. Totally non clogging and anti-bacterial. Suitable for all skins and can be used under a sunscreen or at night. $35.

jammy shammy


AHA polishing and renewal cream, a naturally aromatic salve of the right glycolic acids and moisturizing technology. Ceramides and anti-oxidants stimulate cells during the night to reveal fresh, clean skin. Gently exfoliates fatigued skin to improve collagen synthesis, discoloration, and pore size without any irritation. Anti-inflammatory and suitable for all skin types at night time and may be layered under another moisturizer if skin is sensitive. $42.


long term care


Age-well management emulsion. This rich, yet light feeling anti-aging matrixy-based complex helps repair, renew, and firm photo-aged skin without any irritation. Utilizes palmitoyl-pentapedtide 3 to boost the skin’s collagen and elastin repair system.  Suitable for all skin types and can be worn around the clock for 24 hour treatment and layered with a sunscreen. $55.

Eye Make-Up Remover



A non-oily make up remover designed to gently and effectively remove eye make up as well as lipstick. Gentle enough for contact lens wearers. Apply liberally to a cotton pad to cleanse eyelid, lash or lip area. $22.

Acne and Blemish Treatment



Contains sulfur to dry and heal blemishes. Apply a decent amount to the infected area and leave on overnight. $34.